Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kid-Lit 1: Soft Rhymes

Author:   Stuart L Purser
Series:  Kid-Lit
Published:  2017

Exploring the literary principle Soft Rhymes. 
Lots of fun pictures, lots of lines that almost rhyme..
Plus a grownup section to explain what is a soft rhyme, how it is actually used in literature, music, movies, theater and more.

Genre:  Children's Educational
Reading Level:  1.9
Accelerated Reader: No

Religion:  1
Family Values:  2
Positive Examples:  2
Moral/Lesson Learned:  3

Reader Comments:
"This book is so much fun!  A great way get kids started on topics that will help them through their schooling, from kindergarten to college and beyond."
Katie J.

"Wow! Great images !!"
R. Sharp

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